Events 2013-14

Pot Luck Lunch 2013 Sangamam
Kodai Vizha 2013 Chithirai Vizha
MTS Day Out 2013 MTS Day Out - Bethells Beach

MTS Day OUT on 7th Dec to Bethells Beach turned out so wonderful. We had a typical Auckland day with 4 seasons, the beauty being we could see all excited faces with laughter even on heavy wind & rain. Together is always merrier. For the lunch, we double filled our stomachs with Auckland's famous Briyani but burnt it all with a nice walk on the panoramic sand dunes to reach the lake. Overall it was a trip with heart & stomach full.

Pongal Vizha 2014 Pongal Vizha
MTS Summer Day Out 2014 MTS Summer Day Out - Orere Point Beach
It was a great success with a good turnout. The whole day was packed with fun and laughter. We had a colourful mouth watering variety of lunch. We played Tennikoit, Paattuku Paattu & dumb charades.


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