Events 2009-10

familygettogether_2009_10 Family Get Together:
Muthtamil Sangam had the first event for this year, the Family Get Together. President Mr. Ilango Krishnamoorthi welcomed the members. Mr. Lakshman highlighted the activities of Muthtamil Sangam. Dr Raghul Ghandhi was the guest speaker, who gave a very informative speech on General Health. Lavanya, Keerthanraj and Anusha collected money for the lucky dip.Mr. Yogesh Raja was honored for the good work he did for Muthtamil Sangam as Secretary and for the job he got in the World Bank. Tamil School children recited Thirkural to the Members. Mr. Sekhar thanked everyone. Members then enjoyed the lunch which was brought by all members.
indiaday_2009_10 Independence Day Celebrations:
Muthtamil Sangam celebrated Indian Independence Day on 15th August. The Chief Guest of the day was Mr. Parthiban, who hoisted the Indian flag and talked on Indian Freedom Fighters. Children of the Tamil school gave a dance on "India nadu ne nadu.." and spoke on Freedom fighters. Mr. Ramesh's daughter Miss. Latika and her friends gave a wonderful dance. Mr. Lakshman was given an apprication certificate for doing our Sangam radio program for past three years. The President thanked Mr. Saravanan and Mr. Senthil for sponsoring the function. Mr. Sekar gave the vote of thanks. Lunch was served by Shaffron.
blooddonation_2009_10 MTS Blood Donation Project:
This year Muthtamil Sangam members donated blood keeping in mind Giving just one pint of your blood can help save lives, on 24th September 2009.
sangamnite_2009_10 Sangam Nite Celebrations:
Our Sangam Nite Celebrations on the 24th of October was indeed a memorable one. We had a huge turnout of members and non members who joined in the celebration.
It was very impressive to see such a large and excited audience enjoy themselves. Our goal is to offer everyone a fun-filled evening of entertainment and social get together that appeals to the whole family and I must say that we have achieved our goal. I would like to mention here that the success of this event was only possible due to the wonderful shows by the participants, immense efforts put forth by volunteers, and generous support of our sponsors. A day like this does not happen without the help of volunteers who donate their time. We salute their dedication and generosity of spirit.
pongal_2009_10 Pongal Celebrations:
Our MTS 2010 Pongal Celebration on the 16th of January was a grand success. We had a very huge turnout of members.
Pongal heralds the hope of a new era of prosperity. It signifies the end of the harvest season with plenty of hopes pinned on the entire Tamil month of 'Thai' beginning with the Pongal Day.
A Tamil saying goes on that "Thai Piranthal Vazhli Pirakkum" meaning that when the Tamil month of Thai starts there will be way of love, peace, harmony, prosperity, joyfulness in everyone's life. The month of Thai (starting on January 14 or 15) is considered very auspicious.
Our Chief Guest Mr. Jeet Sachedev, QSM, JP and the chairperson, founder of Bharathiya Samaj Charitable Trust of New Zealand and the Lotto grants commission advisory board member, graced the occasion. We also had our past presidents Mr. Nathan Swaminathan, Mr.Purusothaman and Mr.Vaithiyalingam Ravindran as chief invitees. The Whole function was coordinated beautifully by Mr. and Mrs.Subbiah and convened by our vice-president Mr.Chandrasekaran.
This function offered everyone a fun-filled evening of entertainment by our MTS Tamil school kids and other participants that appeals to the whole family and a social get together. The delicious food was brought by every one attended the function and was shared among us.It was indeed a true and memorable pongal.
environmentday_2009-10 Environmental Day:
This year MTS celebrated Enviornmental day by cleaning the stream at Rata Vine Drive at Manurewa on 14th of March 2010. After the cleaning, members enjoyed the fruits and a bottle of fresh water supplied by Manukau City council and also enjoyed the Barbaque arranged by our president Mr.Ilango Krishnamoorthy at his residence for every one attended the enviornment day.
twodaytrip2009_10 Two Day Family Trip:
With the participation of around 30 families, our Two Day Family Trip at Hunua Falls was a great event organized by Muthtamil Sangam on 27th and 28th of March. There were a host of activities such as cricket, trekking, exploring the glow worm areas and swimming. The trip was also a chance for people to mingle, relax and enjoy the delicious meals that were cooked and served. The fun and activities will surely remain in the memories of the participants for a long time to come.
Thanks to all those who participated and contributed towards the success of the event. Special thanks to our event coordinator Mr. Subbaiah and all the ladies who helped in the kitchen.


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