Events 2008-09

potlucklunch_2008_09 Pot Luck Lunch:
On 13/07/2008 Auckland Muthtamil Sangam gathered for the potluck lunch. More than 110 members were present and enjoyed the food brought by each member. This event was an excellent start for this year programs. Mr. Vai Ravindran coordinated the entire event.
Fantastic informative speech by Mr. Nagaraj (Medical Scientist)who talked about Breast Cancer. Mr. Wells Albert (first Tamilian to be a NZ Police) who highlighted us to understand the police work and its support to the community.Dr Rahul Gandhi who briefed us about Heart Attack.
Many members were renewed their membership and new members enrolled in Muthtamil Sangam. Games were conducted for children and adults. Prizes were given by the President Mr .Ilango Krishnamoorthy, for the winners.
blooddonation_2008_09 Blood Donation Program:
Blood Donation Program was conducted on the 31st of August 2008.Thanks to all members for their valuable time and their willingness to donate Blood for a noble cause.
The act of giving blood is said to be a purely selfless concern for the welfare of others, something that we do out of the goodness of our hearts, for the benefits of others. Blood Donation Program was conducted on the 31st of August 2008.Thanks to all members for their valuable time and their willingness to donate Blood for a noble cause, it is highly appreciated.
NZBlood awarded the Appreciation Certificate to our Sangam Secretary Mr. Yogesh Raja.
independenceday_2008_09 Independence Day Celebrations:
MuthTamil Sangam's "Independence Day Celebration" was great! It was held in August. Firstly we had a person talking about the history of India's Independence. Then, while the parents were talking us children got to play!! Secondly we sang the Indian National Anthem - "Jana Gana Mana".
Then our parents got handed a general knowledge questionaire to fill in, while we were set free to play "again"! I was very excited because my mum came 3rd in the quiz!!
Afterwards, we set up a game of musical chairs. Soon we were really exhausted. Then came to our rescue Saffron restaurant-to cater us.I think that this years Independence day was celebrated well.
- Disha Gomathinayagam, Tamil School, Age: 9 years old.
indoorgamescomp_2008_09 Indoor Games Competition:
Muthtamil Sangam conducted for the first time indoor games competition. The intention is to promote unity among members and friends. The participation was ovewhelming.
The participation came from as old as 3yrs. We had colouring competition for our young ones and carom competition for the older members.
It was amazing to see the talents and creativity that our young participants had. Muthtamil Sangam will continue to promote unity and creativity.
fundraising_2008_09 Fund Raising Program:
Our Fund Raising Program was organised by our President Mr Ilango Krishnamoothy at the Manukau Deepavali Celebration. Dosai, Idle and Vada are served in the stall. Mrs Latha Ravindran, Mr, Yogesh, Mr Pandian, Mr Vai Ravindran, Mr Deen and many other members helped to run the stall.
Many VIPs tasted our dosai and appreciated the taste. This is the first fund raising program ever organised by our Sangam.
diwali_2008_09 Sangam Nite Deepavali Celebrations:
Our Sangam Nite Deepavali celebrations on the 1st of November,2008 was a very special event and it was a grand success. An over welling turnout of about 450 people joined the celebration. Our young children took the challenge to choreograph dance and also took part to provide our audience a quality event.
It was indeed very impressive to see such a large and excited audience enjoy themselves. Once again, we are proud to provide our members and audience a quality and a well organized event.
Our special thanks to our beloved Prime Minister of New Zealand, Hon. Helen Clark for gracing the occasion. Together present with the Prime Minister was Hon. Rajendra Prasad and Ms. Nillem Chaudry. Hon. Hellen Clark in her speech highlighted that it is important to keep our language and culture alive and to continue to put importance to foster language and Culture.
pongal_2008_09 Pongal Celebrations:
Our Pongal Celebration on the 17th of January was a grand success. We had a huge turnout of members. Tamil Pongal heralds the hope of a new era of prosperity. It signifies the end of the harvest season with plenty of hopes pinned on the entire Tamil month of 'Thai' beginning with the Pongal Day. A Tamil saying goes on that "Thai Piranthal Vali Pirakkum" meaning that when the month of Thai dawns there will be way of love, peace, harmony, prosperity, joyness in everyone's life. The month of Thai (starting on January 14 or 15) is considered very auspicious.
Our Chief Guest Mr.A. Mahasivam, one of the pioneers of New Zealand Tamil Society and the adviser for New Zealand Hindu Temple Society, graced the occasion. We also had Dr. T.S.Mathurambal as one of our chief invities.
Our goal is to offer everyone a fun-filled evening of entertainment and social get together that appeals to the whole family.The executive team and all our audience who took the trouble to bring a dish of food, to be shared among the group. It was indeed a true pongal.
worldwetlandsday_2008_09 World Wetlands Day:
This year Muthtamilsangam celebrated Wetlands Day by cleaning the stream at Rata Vine Drive at Manurewa on 22nd of March 2009. Trudy McNie, Park Ranger, Manukau Parks, appreciated the good work of our Sangam. After the cleaning, members enjoyed the fruits and a bottle of fresh water supplied by Manukau City council.
twodaytrip2008_09 Two Day Trip:
This year Muthtamil Sangam members took the two day camp to Piha Beach. What a beautiful experience. Mountain climbing, walk on the beach, walk to the falls, swim in the sea, borne fire, script by children, cards and carom games, pattuitku pattuitku are some of the activities enjoyed by the members.
Food by Latha Ravindran made the stay more memorable. Yogesh organised the whole trip in a very professional manner.
newyear_2008_09 Chitra Festival:
Muthtamil Sangam celebrated Chitra Festival on April 25 2009 at Freemans Bay Community Hall. All programs were given by the members members children since it was a function for members alone. Ilango Krishnamoorthy welcomed all members. Mr Venkataram of Indian New Link spoke the importance of Chitra Festival.
Chris Carter was the Chief Guest of the evening.. Main sponsor Mr Natha Swaminathan distributed the prizes for the lucky draw. Our Muthtamil Sangam Cricket Team was honoured and the runner shield was given to the Captian Mr Wells.
Vote of thanks was given by Mr Chandrasekar. Food was served by Shaffron.


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