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Muthtamil Sangam is a Secular and a Non Profit Organisation registered under the Incorporated Societies of New Zealand on 5th September 2001 and it was corrected and ammended on 22nd January 2011.

Our main aim is to:

  • To promote social contact mutual helpfulness and recreation between persons of Tamil speaking, their spouses and families.
  • To provide a secular, non-sectarian and non-profit literary organization for all Tamils living in and around Auckland and
    New Zealand.
  • To also foster and promote Tamil Language, literature, values, traditions, culture and art.
  • To provide a forum to the younger generation to participate in literary and cultural programs and to showcase their talents.
  • To hosts events involving Tamil scholars and artists from around the globe for the benefit of Tamils residing in Auckland,
    New Zealand.
  • To organize events by cooperating and coordinating with other Asian/Indian/Regional organizations with similar objectives.
  • To provide a regular newsletter detailing association information and any other data considered of interest to association members.
  • To provide a support base for newly arrived Tamil immigrants to New Zealand.

Membership is opened to all tamil speaking and tamil ethinicity people overs 18 years their spouses and their families.


Cultural activities: We celebrate Deepavali, Pongal and Tamil New Year functions organised by our Sangam members find an excellent platform to exhibit and nurture the artistic talents of their young ones as well as their own. On national event days like Independence Day, our Sangam actively participates in the common cultural function organised by

Sports: Sangam participates in inter-association cricket matches and the overall cricket championship for all Indian state associations.

Sangam Radio Program: Every Saturday at 8.00 AM our sangam's weekly half-hour broadcast SANGAM goes on air on Auckland's Planet FM 104.6. Since its beginning SANGAM tamil radio program has been presented by volunteer teams from among our members. It is a weekly occasion to listen to Thirukurral and its meaning, tamil literature, tamil movie songs, puthu kavaithigal etc and keep in touch with the Muthtamil Sangam's announcements about coming events and in general have the enjoyment and satisfaction of having our tamil oli through the air in Auckland, New Zealand.

Sangam's Tamil School: Sangam conducts tamil classes for our member's children, every Saturday from 3.45 pm to 5.00 pm. Due to increase in number of children coming to our Tamil classes, we have booked May Road School to conduct classes.

Other Activities: Our members give blood at the Blood Donor Centre in Great South Road, Epsom, Auckland and a family trip, staying overnight at a picnic spot and a community projects helping to keep Auckland clean.

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